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driving school in melbourne

Driving Etiquette Down Under Unwritten Rules Every Driver Should Know

Embarking on a driving journey in Melbourne is not just about mastering the technical aspects of driving a vehicle. It’s also about understanding the unwritten rules of the road—the driving etiquette that ensures harmony and safety for all. In this blog post, we will explore the unspoken norms and practices that every driver in Melbourne […]

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VicRoad Test

How to Book a VicRoads Test For Licence and Registrations

Are you ready to take the next step in driving? Booking a VicRoads Test is essential if you are looking to obtain your driver’s licence or vehicle registration. Taking a test can be seen as a daunting task, however, with the right knowledge and preparation, it can be easy. This article will provide you with […]

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Vikas Driving school

Tips to Overcome Your Fear of Learning Driving

Did you know that one of the most frequent fears people might have is a fear of driving? Driving is a task that may make individuals feel anxious and fearful. For many people, it may be an unpleasant practice. The instructors at Vikas Driving School are aware that learning to drive may be stressful, therefore […]

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Vic road test booking

How to Become a Better Driver in Melbourne

Learning can begin at any age, hence its potential is often limitless. There are several driving tips for better drivers that work for both experienced and beginner drivers when it comes to driving a car. There are some driving advice for beginners when it comes to driving a car. It’s essential that you follow the […]

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driving school in Melbourne

Why Should Your Opt For Driving School in Melbourne?

According to a recent survey released by the VIC govt, over 75 percent of accidents happen due to driving error by drivers. Also, according to WHO (World Health Organization), VIC roads are quite risky.  The skill of driving is one that many people must learn. Enrolling in a driving school, which may offer quality instruction […]

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driving techniques

How Social Skills Facilitate Quick Learning of Driving Techniques?

When it comes down to learning driving techniques rather quickly, the introverts lose out in terms of speed. The extrovert ones, who have better social & interpersonal skills, always win the race to learn the techniques. Why does this happen? What is the reason for which, the shy and the timid souls lose out in […]

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driving school in Melbourne

Things to Expect on Your First Driving Lesson in Melbourne

You’ve just received your learner’s permit, and you’re now prepared to start your driving lessons! Wow, excellent work! Some of you may now be thinking, “What do you do on your first driving lesson in Melbourne?” You should be proud and ideally excited. How do driving schools provide driving lessons?   Not to worry! The […]

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Driving School

Top 5 Mistakes Driver’s Do While Reversing

There are many learners who think they are good at driving but when it comes to reversing the car, many drivers tend to make some silly mistakes. These small & silly mistakes can make you fail in your learner’s driving test. Here we are listing the top five mistakes. Join Vikas Driving school in Melbourne […]

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Driving lessons in Melbourne

How Much it Cost to Learn Driving in Melbourne?

You have just turned 16 and now you are eligible to apply for a driver’s licence. You wish to drive down from north to south and east to west. When you get your provisional licence only then you realise that you have your full reliance without depending on taxis, public transport or friends driving you […]

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The basics of steering wheel setup – Vikas Driving School

Set up your car’s steering wheel so you may have the best control on the road Each driver’s height requires a different steering wheel location, so change the wheel to fit you. Your driving teacher will show you how to set up the steering wheel during one of your first lessons. This tutorial can help […]

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