There are many learners who think they are good at driving but when it comes to reversing the car, many drivers tend to make some silly mistakes. These small & silly mistakes can make you fail in your learner’s driving test. Here we are listing the top five mistakes. Join Vikas Driving school in Melbourne to learn quickly how to eliminate these mistakes. Understanding the reversing technique is the key to safe driving.

Cover Every Angle

Never look at just one side.It can be harmful to fixate your eyes in one direction. Poor observational abilities are the main cause of most small mishaps. Your ability to reverse properly will determine how well you do on your driving test. Since most human actions are rarely performed backwards by nature, some more practice would be beneficial.

The majority of modern cars come with a reverse camera, yet even the manufacturers warn drivers to scan their surroundings. 

Safety of Reverse Cameras

Reverse cameras only cover a limited range of angles. Be cautious when backing up and limit your reliance on the camera. The side angles are hidden from view, but the rearview is visible. Manufacturers make it very obvious that drivers need to look at them. You shouldn’t use the camera excessively or you can’t rely on the camera blindly. The reverse camera won’t capture views where there is oncoming traffic coming from the left or right. Consider it as a supplement, not a replacement, for full coverage. 

Reversing Error at Stop Signs or Traffic Lights

You will immediately fail a driving test if you accidentally cross a solid white line. More importantly, don’t panic and try to reverse because it won’t affect the outcome. Avoid attempting to reverse, especially if a car is following you closely. If you overshoot the mark too much, you will need to carefully move backwards to rectify it in order to avoid being hit by a car that you must yield to. 

Quickly Fix Your Reversing Posture

Poor posture might affect the safety of reversing. Make sure that you take in everything. You won’t be able to routinely see all important aspects if you lean back too far in the chair. Make sure you are sitting upright and that you can easily stretch your body to inspect all angles without missing anything. 

Reversing to the Opposite Way

Never turn your car around to face the opposite way. In the exercise Left Something Behind, many learner drivers make this mistake. Reversing out of driveways may be learned by asking your driving instructor. Spend time learning three-point turns in your driveway to improve your expertise. 


To keep improving your driving skill join Vikas Driving School in Melbourne. There are many more terms that need to be followed while reversing like keeping your vehicle on slow pace, dipping your side mirrors so that you can see the kerbs, adding blindspot mirrors, keeping your wheels straight to backing up in a straight line and more.