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South Wharf

Professional Driving School in South Wharf

Anxiety and nervousness are the biggest nightmares faced when one starts to drive for the first time. Join our school to overcome these challenges and fill yourself with confidence to drive through Melbourne streets fearlessly.

Vikas Driving School in South Wharf provides experienced and accredited instructors who are filled with passion to teach you. We help everyone pass on the first attempt. The friendly and qualified driving instructors understand what you will be facing while driving- Road signs, parallel parking, traffic and congestion. Thus, they will teach you driving practices to provide you with the confidence to drive safely and pass your learning test.

At Vikas Driving School, we provide you with the complete individual attention you need to successfully progress through your course with the least discomfort possible. Whether it be a regular driving course or a heavy vehicle training program, we guarantee you a great and pleasant time. The success rate at Vikas Driving School is high, the staff is cooperative, and the instructors are patient.

Why Should You Join Our Driving Lessons in South Wharf?

  • Our school has been an industry leader in safety and professional driver training for over a decade, setting the standard for customised courseware and interactive training solutions
  • If you have any prior knowledge of driving, we will take it into considerations. We take you from where you are.
  • We provide driving lessons at very cheap and affordable rates across Melbourne.

Our driving lessons include academic as well as practical knowledge so that it encompasses updated traffic rules and focus on providing safe driving skills.

  • Our instructors are aware of what examiners are looking for while testing candidates and will provide you with in-depth knowledge about passing the test with flying colours. They will assist you in getting you out of the road with all skills necessary to operate a vehicle in a safe manner.


“The secret of getting ahead is getting started.”

“Don’t limit yourself with the fear of driving or passing the test, we are here to provide you with quality lessons and help you achieve the milestone.”

Learning to drive is a big step in anyone’s life, which is why you want someone friendly, trustworthy and highly experienced to guide you along the way. Here at Vikas Driving School, we provide you with just that. We are known as a company to put your trust in, with more than 10 years of experience in teaching people of all ages how to drive.

If you’ve been looking for the right professionals to give you driving lessons, look no further than our dedicated team. Contact us today for more information on our packages or to make a booking.

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