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Vikas Driving School

What Sets Vikas Driving School Apart from Others in Melbourne?

When it comes to learning to drive in Melbourne, choosing the right driving school is crucial for acquiring safe driving skills and gaining confidence on the road. Among the plethora of options available, Vikas Driving School stands out as a reputable and distinguished institution having more than a decade of experience. With a focus on […]

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Vikas Driving school

Tips to Overcome Your Fear of Learning Driving

Did you know that one of the most frequent fears people might have is a fear of driving? Driving is a task that may make individuals feel anxious and fearful. For many people, it may be an unpleasant practice. The instructors at Vikas Driving School are aware that learning to drive may be stressful, therefore […]

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Driving School

Top 5 Mistakes Driver’s Do While Reversing

There are many learners who think they are good at driving but when it comes to reversing the car, many drivers tend to make some silly mistakes. These small & silly mistakes can make you fail in your learner’s driving test. Here we are listing the top five mistakes. Join Vikas Driving school in Melbourne […]

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