You’ve just received your learner’s permit, and you’re now prepared to start your driving lessons! Wow, excellent work! Some of you may now be thinking, “What do you do on your first driving lesson in Melbourne?” You should be proud and ideally excited. How do driving schools provide driving lessons?


Not to worry! The first time you really drive a car is typically not as terrifying as you might expect, and what happens on your first driving lesson in Melbourne  is typically going to be a bit more informal and easygoing than the rest of your driving lessons.


In this blog, we will have a glance on what you should expect in your first driving lesson. Also, we will share some useful tips to help you in your first driving experience. Let’s get started.

Items to carry on your first driving lesson

  • Your Learner’s Driving Licence
  • Comfortable non-slip shoes
  • Your eyewear (if you wear them)
  • A water bottle
  • A jumper

What happens during the first driving lesson?

  • You’ll discover the cockpit exercise.
  • You will be shown how to operate the car’s controls.
  • You will discover clutch control.
  • You’ll discover how to depart and stop securely.

Having your first driving lesson picked up

Be careful to be prepared and avoid slacking off at the last minute. It is ultimately your time and money that are being wasted if you are late. Keep an eye out since some driving instructors might ring the doorbell or wait in the car for you.


It won’t be necessary for you to take the wheel right away, so don’t worry. To begin, you will sit in the passenger seat as your instructor drives you to a calm area so you can learn the fundamentals.

The cockpit Drills

Your teacher will ask you to switch positions so you are in the driver’s seat after you have reached a quiet road with little traffic. That feels fantastic!


Pay close attention as your instructor walks you through the cockpit practise to familiarise you with the checks you’ll need to perform each time you drive. You’ll soon do these tests automatically.

Beginning your first driving lesson by getting behind the wheel

Now it’s time to drive. Your teacher will go through the following processes before you start the engine:


In your first class, you will probably learn about the following topics:

  • Moving forward: preparing to use your stuff
  • Controlling the clutch and locating the bite point
  • Checking your blind area and mirrors
  • Using your indicator to indicate
  • Shifting gears
  • Stopping the vehicle and covering the clutch and brake
  • Street parking

The amount of information will seem overwhelming at first, but after you start rolling, try to unwind and always keep in mind that your teacher has their own set of controls so you can concentrate on studying without feeling stressed. Move out into the road if you get the chance so you may practise “real” driving. You won’t be sorry!


For a better experience at your first driving lesson in Melbourne, get in touch with Vikas driving school. We have experienced and certified driving instructor’s who are very friendly to new drivers and try to teach them the best lessons at an affordable price.