When it comes down to learning driving techniques rather quickly, the introverts lose out in terms of speed. The extrovert ones, who have better social & interpersonal skills, always win the race to learn the techniques. Why does this happen? What is the reason for which, the shy and the timid souls lose out in the race? There are multiple reasons behind it.

The ‘DRIVING” thing…

What does driving actually entail? In a technical sense, it involves manoeuvring a mechanical vehicle in one’s direction to get from one place to another. Thus, drivers effectively conduct safe and appropriate negotiations with a dumb machine for transportation purposes.


There are obviously a lot of things to learn when it comes to mastering the mechanics and skills of driving. Now, teaching someone such things is a tough row to hoe. It must be a collaborative approach. While the trainer will go through the curriculum-required details and processes, it is up to the trainees to understand and internalise what they are being taught.


Then it is the responsibility of the trainee to ask questions regarding various aspects and get the best reply from the driving instructors. These replies later come in handy in real life situations. That may have no relation with what driving schools teach during the training at the driving school in Melbourne. That helps a lot in the making of a good driver.


Now, in the case of shy and introverted souls, this procedure remains incomplete and untouched. Due to the marked absence of mutual exchange of views during driving lessons in Melbourne. And since these people chiefly depend upon the bookish approach. They are caught off guard when it comes to giving the final test or facing real-life situations. They are found seriously wanting in the realm of improvisation, which is extremely important in the making of a successful driver.

The Problem with Assumptions

Driving is a task where presumption is crucial. In reality, lacking the capacity to assume things makes it very difficult to be a good driver. Every driver in the world is saved by having the capacity to predict events in advance, or, to put it another way, by being able to sense problems far in advance. However, there is a good probability that the driver will have an accident while being evaluated or, worse still, while driving in real-life.


Now when a person is not interactive and is shy and with a closed mind, the individual lacks the zeal to learn these extra few things or get extra tips that instructors of every driving school in Werribee  would have for their trainees. These tips will never be part of any curriculum. They would help to overcome real-life unforeseen hiccups in a huge way and that is what makes the difference between an average and a great driver!


This perhaps clears up why being more interactive helps more in the making of a good driver. You can choose the best driving school near me for the better driving lessons. Vikas Driving School helps their trainees by offering friendly trainers. For example, more often it happens that an Indian person feels more comfortable with an Indian trainer. That’s why, we provide Indian trainers who are friendly in nature and also help you in improving your interpersonal skills along with driving techniques.