Set up your car’s steering wheel so you may have the best control on the road
Each driver’s height requires a different steering wheel location, so change the wheel to fit you.
Your driving teacher will show you how to set up the steering wheel during one of your first lessons.

This tutorial can help you learn to drive or refresh your skills.

Vikas Driving School teaches hundreds of drivers each year. Everyone starts with basics. This course covers everything your first few driving lessons will teach you.

How near the wheel should you be?

Airbags deploy quickly and powerfully in collisions. Adjust the driving wheel so your breastbone is 10 inches from the center. This would maximize accident protection.

What’s the proper steering wheel grip?

Two positions are important. Personal preference determines hand posture.

10 and 2 – Left hand at 10 o’clock, right at 2 o’clock. While turning the wheel, keep your hands in this posture.

Left hand at 9 o’clock, right hand at 3 o’clock. This relaxed stance should have loose arms.

Your teacher will show you how to start, stop, and use automobile mirrors. Book Now