According to a recent survey released by the VIC govt, over 75 percent of accidents happen due to driving error by drivers. Also, according to WHO (World Health Organization), VIC roads are quite risky. 

The skill of driving is one that many people must learn. Enrolling in a driving school, which may offer quality instruction to make you a safe driver, is one approach to learn correctly. You may learn to drive for free from your parents and other family members, but it is no substitute for receiving a top-notch education from professional driving instructors in Melbourne. Taking driving lessons in Melbourne can make you feel more at ease and confident while driving. If you live in Melbourne, you may sign up for Vikas Driving School’s personalised driving courses, short notice tests, intense driving lessons or regular driving lessons. It is inexpensive, dependable, and safe. Spending money on driving schools is worthwhile. Here are some justifications for why you opt for driving school in Melbourne.

1. Driving schools use trained, experienced instructors

First and foremost, an instructor at a formal training facility will need to meet a number of requirements, such as passing challenging exams and having extensive simulator and real-world driving experience. A prospective teacher can only work as a driving school instructor after passing these requirements. Professional instructors are familiar with the defensive driving practises that lower the risk of getting in an accident. Driving lessons in Melbourne is a more affordable long-term investment than the expenditures associated with a vehicle accident.

2. You’ll get complete understanding and adequate awareness

The amount of experience one receives when driving is one of the biggest advantages of this practice. Students in Vikas driving schools are given the opportunity to gain essential experience and knowledge of all the state’s traffic laws and regulations. The objective is for the pupil to be secure and capable of defensive driving. Finding a competent driving school near you and enrolling yourself or your child makes sense given the benefits of taking lessons there. This will set you or your kid up for success in developing into a safe driver.

3. Higher chances of passing VIC Road Test

Students who enrol in professional training at Vikas driving school often pass their VIC road test on their very first attempt. These schools’ instructors are skilled in assisting students with their road test preparation. Vikas Driving School also helps in Vic Road test booking online.

4. Making driving safe and enjoyable

Always the best thing a new driver can do is to spend money on a professional driving instruction. Understanding traffic signs and other relevant information has become crucial when driving a car. It is difficult to exaggerate how important this is since it enables the student to start driving safely as soon as they have their licence because they are better prepared with the necessary abilities. You gain confidence when driving on the road and a quality learning environment when you are guided by a professional. 

5. Convenience of acquiring a new learner’s licence

You can get assistance from the instructors while you apply for your provisional licence and your driver’s licence. The school does everything it can to assist you in obtaining the required permissions, from completing out the paperwork to registering you with the VIC Road Test booking online. To obtain the learner’s permit, you must first successfully complete the basic competency exam.

You can begin learning to drive with this licence, but you will still need to complete a lot of requirements before you can drive alone. You are all aware that enrolling in a driving school  in Melbourne is the ideal method to improve your educational experience since DTO-approved driving instructors will assist you at every step.