You have just turned 16 and now you are eligible to apply for a driver’s licence. You wish to drive down from north to south and east to west. When you get your provisional licence only then you realise that you have your full reliance without depending on taxis, public transport or friends driving you around.

Why do you need to take driving classes?

Nowadays, the majority of people who begin driving lessons consider the expense of each driving class in Melbourne.  Even though you could be saving money by taking driving lessons from your parents or friends. They might overlook important details that could cause you to fail your driving examination with the Department of Transportation.


You should thus enrol in driving lessons in Melbourne.  Our professional instructors are completely certified. And can show you the proper techniques for driving, how to adhere to the Road Safety Commission’s road regulations. Also what the Department of Transportation’s assessors will be looking for when you apply for your provisional licence.

Role of a professional Driving Instructor

A professional driving instructor’s job is to increase your driving confidence by teaching you the traffic laws that apply on Melbourne’s roads. You won’t be pressured by our driving instructors to go for your examination. After your first lesson, our driving instructors will typically assess your skills and estimate the number of lessons you will need. All of the guidelines in the Department of Transportation’s drive safe handbook can be covered in around two lessons.

Cost of Driving Lessons in Melbourne

The price of driving lessons in Melbourne is comparable to that of a quality restaurant lunch. The cost of a driving lesson in Melbourne will start at $50.00 for a 45-minute class and $60 for an hour-long lesson, depending on the type of driving instruction you choose.


For example, if you want to practise driving in peak-hour traffic in Melbourne. Then you may choose for a lengthier session of one and a half hours for just $90. Although you can schedule longer courses, 5 lessons should be plenty to fully understand the material. Vikas Driving School also offers personalised driving packages according to the driver’s skills and needs.

 Driving Test Cost in Melbourne


In order to help you plan for the lessons, Vikas Driving School is honest about prices and can estimate the number of sessions you will need and their estimated cost. Most importantly, never compromise your safety for anything.

If you’re looking for a reliable yet affordable driving school in Melbourne, Vikas Driving School is the best choice to consider.