Allow us to accompany you on your adventure to learn to drive in 10 days.

In most cases, driving schools in Melbourne provide two curricula. Driving schools in Melbourne and around provide a 10-day course with an hour of instruction each day, whilst driving schools in and around offer a 15-day course with half an hour of instruction per day. If you join up for a ten-day, one-hour-per-day course, your daily progress will include the following elements:

Melbourne Driving School


You will learn to drive in a modified automobile with pedals on the passenger side as well. Your teacher will sit in the passenger seat and use the pedals to operate the vehicle.

It is essential to be aware of your surroundings, therefore your teacher will first provide you with basic knowledge about the car, such as the accelerator, brake, clutch, steering, gears, and indicators. In addition, the instructor will remind you to adjust the side and rear view mirrors. On your first day, you will learn how to utilize the accelerator, clutch, and brake. Today, your teacher will largely change the gears for you.

Half clutch technique is a vital component of driving, and you will be challenged to stop-star-move many times to understand it. The instructor will force you to pass over humps (speed bumps) and train you to honk (blow your horn) when doing turns.

It’s acceptable while you’re learning, but once you’ve mastered the vehicle, we recommend that you refrain from honking unless absolutely required. People honking near hospitals, schools, and at traffic lights with red lights on is an unfathomable behaviour in most circumstances. Avoid doing stuff like this.

Today, you will not exceed 20 KM/H, and that is just good. We urge you to ask the teacher questions if you have any concerns or questions.


You will review what you learned yesterday, along with a few extra yet critical points. Today you will also be able to operate equipment. As a result, plan to stop, start, and move many times throughout the session. The more control you have over your controls, the safer you and others on the road will be.

Your teacher may take you on uneven and rocky roads. You may be able to reverse your car a couple times today. You also anticipate driving on rise and descent. The half-clutch method will be used again and again.

You may be instructed to drive in third gear, but don’t anticipate exceeding the speed limit of 30-35 KM/H.

Before you begin, be sure you adjust the mirrors.


Practice makes a man perfect, and a lady, of course. So you’ll be largely practicing what you’ve learnt over the last two days. You could feel better right now.


Practice still makes a man or woman perfect, so you’ll do the same old things with the addition of a few additional rounds of driving in reverse and going on ascents and descents. Expect your vehicle’s speed limit to be less than 40 KM/H.

Because the driving school’s automobile may have speed control, waiting until the 10th day to get behind the wheel in your own car is a terrible idea. As a result, you may begin practicing with your own car in the evening/night under the supervision of an adult with a valid driver’s license.

Don’t overdo anything while driving your own automobile; instead, stick to the essentials and learn to drive straight, turn, and stop-start-move simply. However, if you are still unsure, it is not advisable to proceed and endanger your life.

Day 5 and 6


You’re halfway through and expect to feel energized, confident, and ready to take on the world. You will now have more control over the car. Your car’s speed limit has now been raised to 40 KM/H. If your teacher is confident, he may let you ride somewhat faster than 40 miles per hour. You will repeat what you have studied in the previous days.

Practicing with your own vehicle can enhance your confidence, so do it if possible. Again, you are the greatest judge of your talents and are aware of your sentiments, so only drive in your own vehicle if you are confident.

Day 7th, 8th, and 9th days


You must continue to practise all fundamental methods. You may now anticipate your teacher to drive you through traffic and perhaps on the motorway if he has enough trust in you. You may anticipate to reach speeds of up to 45 kilometers per hour, depending on how proficient of a driver you have been so far. In reverse, traveling through congested areas with people and/or automobiles.

Obviously, the teacher will continue to give you lessons regarding traffic lights and so forth throughout the course.



After 31 days of holding a learner’s permit, you may apply for a permanent driver’s license. And, in order to get a permanent driving license, you must demonstrate and impress an officer with your driving abilities. Driving schools in Melbourne may advise you to postpone this class for subsequent review of courses before applying for a permanent driver’s license. It is entirely up to you whether to reserve it for later or to study it on the tenth day.


If you attend this class immediately before applying for your permanent driver’s license, you will be reviewing everything you have previously learned. This lesson will primarily concentrate on components of driving that officers may be interested in. Remember that the police may refuse to provide you a license, so take it seriously.

The Vikas Driving School congratulates you for successfully completing the line!! Pat yourself on the back, crack open a bottle of champagne, and toast the day you become self-sufficient with Learn Driving in 10 Days. Sign Up Now