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Smart Driving Safety Tips for Drivers – Vikas Driving School

Driving isn’t the safest or easiest thing to do. But it’s a useful talent to learn. Every year, statistics reveal how many car accidents occur. Drivers’ negligence frequently causes these accidents. But a clever driver can avoid this. Smart driving isn’t rocket science. It’s about doing things before, during, and after driving. Smart drivers’ safety […]

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Driving Lessons Melbourne

Car Driving Instructions for New Drivers and Learners

All individuals learning the fundamentals of automobile driving should keep in mind that accepting ideas and suggestions is the first step toward safe and responsible driving. The following collection of guidelines will assist you in increasing the efficiency of your driver profile while also increasing the confidence of others in your driving abilities. Getting into […]

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How Driver Behaviour Changed During COVID and What Can Be Done to Correct It

Make sure you have your seatbelt on. Take note of what I’m saying. Don’t go faster than the posted speed limit. To get your driver’s licence, you had to be familiar with fundamental safety principles such as these. Moreover, as a rookie driver, you most likely complied with these regulations to some extent. But do […]

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Driving School in Melbourne

Want to Learn Driving in 10 Days – Vikas Driving School

Allow us to accompany you on your adventure to learn to drive in 10 days. In most cases, driving schools in Melbourne provide two curricula. Driving schools in Melbourne and around provide a 10-day course with an hour of instruction each day, whilst driving schools in and around offer a 15-day course with half an […]

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