You’ve just bought a manual car and you are too excited to drive it around the block. But, as soon as you put it in the first gear and try to move forward, the card ends up stalling and you feel embarrassed. This usually happens because driving a manual transmission is slightly different than the traditional automatic cars. 


One small mistake and your car will stall in the middle of the road. But, by following the right techniques and practicing constantly, you’ll get the hang of driving a manual car and will be able to drive more confidently. In case it’s your first time driving a stick-shift, however, it would be better to join a driving school in South Morang. This way you’ll be able to learn from experts and improve your overall skills more effectively. 


Apart from this, you can implement the following driving techniques while driving a manual vehicle. 


1. Always Start Your Car in Neutral

If you’re a beginner, make it a habit to start your car in neutral. This way you won’t experience the sudden jerk and protect the gearbox from experiencing any damage as well. In case you’ve parked your car on a slope and it’s in first gear, press down the clutch completely and turn on the ignition. Always remember the moment you press down the clutch, your car automatically goes to neutral, which means you’ll be able to turn on the car without experiencing the jerk. 


2. Learn the Art of Releasing Clutch

Now, when your car is on, the next step would be to put it into first gear and slowly release the clutch. Though it sounds pretty simple, this is where the majority of beginners start struggling. It’s worth noting that releasing the clutch is an art that’ll take a few days to practice. 


If you release the clutch too quickly, yoru car will end up stalling in the middle of the road. So, make sure to slowly release the clutch and let the momentum automatically push your car forward. If you’re on a leveled surface, you might not need to press down the accelerator as your car will start moving on clutch only. 


Note: In case you’re struggling with releasing the clutch, make sure to sign up for professional driving lessons in Melbourne. Your instructor will teach you in real-time and it’ll become easier to acquire the skill. 


3. Press Down the Accelerator

Once your car starts moving, put your right foot on the accelerator and start pressing it slowly. Meanwhile, release the clutch completely and let the momentum take your car forward. After you’re at the right RPM, shift your car into the second gear and continue to change gears according to the situation. If you feel it challenging to change gears, practice it while your car is parked. 



So, that’s everything you should know about driving a manual vehicle. If you also want to enjoy the experience of driving a manual transmission, make sure to follow these tips or join a professional driving school in Melbourne to learn from experienced drivers.