The day you pass your driving test is exciting because, after all of the training and stress, you now have your driver’s licence. But, how long is it good for?

Although there is no specific length of time in which you must repeat your driving test, your licence may be withdrawn or you may be required to show that you are still fit to drive.

In this post, we’ll look at the scenarios that may force you to repeat your driving test, as well as the age limitations on your driver’s licence.

Do you need to retake your driver’s licence exam?

Although drivers must renew their driver’s licence every 10 years (this is your photocard licence), you will not be required to repeat your exam unless the following conditions are met:

Ailment or medical condition

If you have a medical illness or handicap that potentially compromise your driving abilities, you must notify the DVLA.

This may include things like:

  • Diabetes
  • Strokes
  • Glaucoma

Check the AU website’s list if you’re not sure whether a medical condition or handicap may influence your driving abilities. If your condition is on the list, it’s critical that you notify the DVLA as soon as possible, since failing to do so might result in a fine and put you and others in danger.

Disqualifications for driving

If you are prohibited from driving for 56 days or longer after being convicted of a driving offence, you must apply for a new driver’s licence and maybe retake your driving test. If this is the case, a court will inform you, and you will need to apply for a temporary licence first.

Age limitations on driver’s licences

It’s a frequent myth that older individuals must redo their driver’s licence examinations, but this isn’t true.

You will not be required to cease driving unless there are other compelling grounds, such as a medical problem, but individuals above the age of 70 will not be subjected to a driver assessment.

When it comes to driving, the most crucial thing is that you are confident in your ability to drive safely and competently. If you’re still undecided, have a look at the tips above. Vikas driving lessons in Melbourne can assist you if you need to repeat your exam. Totally Driving takes pride in tailoring courses to match the specific