Don’t we all just love driving, especially on a highway for long road trips with family and friends? But as we all know driving in India is more like playing the game of chess, it’s like you can lose the game anytime. Hence, through this short article, we will be providing you with a brief overview.

 How to make your driving lessons in Melbourne safe and full of fun.  

Therefore, here are a few do’s and don’ts while driving on an Indian highway: 

  • The first and foremost important thing before starting to drive anywhere in India is, always wear a seatbelt. No matter how much experience you have of driving in India, never forget to wear the seatbelt and make sure that you always promote the use of a seatbelt amongst others as well. 
  • Furthermore, choose a speed and stick to it. While driving on a highway it is very important to stick to a particular speed and don’t keep changing your speed as it might result in some severe consequences. 
  • Next on the list is, keeping a safe distance from other vehicles. It prevents many accidents on highways as all the vehicles on the highway run at quite high speed so it is very important to maintain the distance to prevent any mishap. 
  • Be alert and always use appropriate signals. It is very important to be vigilant about the things happening around you while driving on a highway and also use appropriate signals like indicate before changing lanes, turn on your hazard before stopping or cutting down the speed. 
  • Use mirrors. Mirrors in cars are like additional eyes for the driver so always keep a check on all the three mirrors in the car and make it a habit to ensure safer driving. 
  • Now moving on to don’ts while driving, never use mobile phones while driving neither for calling nor for texting. 
  •  Never drive under the influence of drugs and alcohol, as this can be lethal for you and other people on the highway also. 
  • Don’t use high beams unnecessarily as it might distract others while driving especially on a highway.


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