It will be an awesome moment when you get your new license. This will make you feel like a dream come true. But, before you get behind the wheel, here are some frequent rookie errors to avoid.


In an emergency, you may be unable to manage your automobile due to enthusiasm, resulting in a big issue.

Not Scanning The Road Ahead

The novice motorist ignores road hazards including potholes and other automobiles. They usually discover a possible threat on their own.

Car Overcrowding

Taking too many friends to a party in your new automobile might be unsafe. It raises the likelihood of a crash by 44%, something you don’t want to happen.

Too Closely

If you’re traveling 50mph, allow 3 seconds between you and the first automobile. 1 second per 10mph above 50mph. The too-close following causes automobile accidents.


Sadly, the adolescent does not buckle up unless reminded. They do not regularly fasten their seatbelts. But, this causes the main issue. Not wearing a seat belt is also illegal.

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