With driving school, passing your road test is always quick and uncomplicated. Our pupils have passed on their first try because of our 30 years of illustrious expertise in instructing and coaching trainee drivers, along with thousands of driving tests. The reason why someone fails their Vic road driving test is one the most frequently asked question at Vikas Driving School. Although there are numerous potential causes, the top 10 reasons we think one fails are as follows.

Being too Anxious and Stressed

When it comes to taking any kind of test, it is quite normal to be nervous and tense. Regardless of how skillfully you drive, it is useless to live in constant fear of being judged by others (LTO). One is prone to forget road rules while driving under this anxiety. Our confidence is directly linked to our level of experience when being tested by others. Learner drivers appearing for the very first time worry a lot on the result of the test. And fear of being treated as a failure is the common thoughts by learner drivers. Normally, people are quite supportive and friendly of anyone preparing for a driving test. Understanding the core reason of your stress can really help you lose your cool and stay calm.

Inadequate Experience or Insufficient preparations

Being underprepared is the outcome of inexperience and incompetence. No matter how confident or experienced a person is, it is important to take at least one lesson with a professional driving instructor to fully comprehend the VicRoads testing system. This gives you excellent preparation for your driving exam. Your worst worries will lessen once you understand what the VicRoads driving test Officer is looking for.

According to our research, those who choose the mock exam passed the actual driving test on the first go.

It is strongly advised that you take expert driving lessons in Melbourne. Popular Vikas Driving school assists students in building confidence and effectively preparing for the driving exam. The simulated exam is a true representation of your driving test. 

Violating a Stop Sign or a Red Light

When you observe a stop sign, you have to STOP your vehicle. The vehicle must continue to stop completely. Traffic lights play a crucial role in directing traffic and preventing collisions. Red traffic lights should never be jumped.

Exceeding the Posted Speed Limit

Everybody is aware that “Speed thrills but it kills.” This is another significant cause of student failure. One may never drive faster than the posted speed limit. In a school zone, exceeding the speed limit over the defined limit, exceeding the speed limit by any amount for five seconds or more, or exceeding the speed limit by five kilometres per hour or more results in an instant termination of the test. As a result of becoming distracted by other vehicles, learners neglect to check their speedometer and end up exceeding the posted speed limit, failing their drive test.

Accident with a different car or driving while mounting the kerb

The drive test does not permit mounting the kerb while operating a vehicle or while making gradual manoeuvres. A collision with another car is a notorious example of an accident and reckless driving that went wrong.


If you want to pass the VIC road driving test at the very first time, we strongly recommend you to sign up for professional driving lessons in Melbourne from Vikas driving school. This ensures that you are ready and knowledgeable about safe driving procedures and the VicRoads Graduated Licencing System guidelines. Vikas Driving School has a perfect track record of passing driving tests in every location in Melbourne. We provide coverage for Werribee, South Morang, Deer Park, and Victoria Roads. Stop holding out any longer. By scheduling a driving lesson with Vikas Driving School, you may pass your driving test on your first try.