What Should I Do? If I fail My Driving Test in Melbourne

Driving seems to be an easy task to many of us. But when you’ve failed your driving test then it may feel like the end of the world, however it’s not! After failing your driving test the very first thought that comes to your mind is what’s next? What could be the suitable actions you should take to clear your driving test? 

Well, failures are part of human life and one must not get disappointed, if he/she failed in their driving test. We should learn from our past mistakes and start the complete process again and enrol in driving lessons in Melbourne. Find this out in this blog from Vikas Driving School in Melbourne.

When I fail my driving test, what happens?

‘I failed my driving Test’ what is next? What should I do now? These are some common questions that hunt everyone when they fall short to pass their driving test in the first go.

Your test score will be determined by how well you performed. And how quickly you reacted throughout the driving test session when you take your first driving test. If you have a decent score, you pass the driving test; otherwise, you fail the test.

A careful examination of the score sheet will reveal your weaknesses and the areas where you need to put in more effort to advance. The testing officer’s comments are solely for your benefit, therefore you should take them seriously.

Top Most Reasons Why you failed your Driving Test

There are several reasons why people fail the driving test. However, breaching traffic laws and driving unsafely are typically the two main reasons for these failures. Keep in mind that you can only make 3 or less mistakes on your pre-drive checklist. No “serious errors,” and a maximum of 15 mistakes in total when you’re behind the wheel of your test vehicle.

Most common reasons that frequently lead to failure include –

  • Not checking blind areas with your head
  • failure to adequately signal
  • breaking traffic rules or markings, signs, or signals
  • not stopping entirely at red lights or stop signs
  • committing or engaging in illegal acts. 
  • Over Speeding (or driving too slowly)

What To Do Next? Learn to Drive

Vikas Driving School is one of the most renowned driving schools in Werribee, South Morang and other areas of Melbourne, VIC.   Our driving lessons might be useful if you want to improve your chances of passing and make sure you’re driving safely.


Therefore, schedule a few classes with Vikas Driving School before scheduling the test. We’re constantly here to help in building driver’s confidence and this is actually our moto. Online scheduling allows you to begin working with a qualified driving instructor today.