Vikas driving school is a trainer that instructs, increases confidence, and pushes you. So we titled our driving school. We provide personal vehicle driving trainers that perfect your driving abilities so you may drive safely and confidently. Unlike other driving schools, we think that driving is a life skill that should be learned and taught professionally. In personal automobile training, you are in total control of your vehicle; our trainers just instruct and teach skills and tactics.

We offer many different courses to suit your needs:


The complete course is aimed at people who have no prior knowledge of driving or wish to start from scratch. After 5 days of building confidence, and teaching basics about gear shifting, braking, and steering judgment & then the remaining hours we teach advanced techniques such as highway driving, traffic, parking techniques, hill road, and market area.


The advanced course is aimed at people who know how to drive but lack confidence and abilities. Our Advanced course is an intensive course where our trainers first identify your driving issues, give you proper solutions, and increase your confidence so you may drive comfortably. For personal automobile instruction, we establish confidence in highway driving and traffic. We also teach parking skills and hill road driving.


The Practice Session is a 7-day, 8-hour course that focuses on students’ weaknesses and helps them overcome fear. This training is for those who already know how to drive but need a starburst confidence boost to drive alone. So in this 7-day, 8-hour intensive course, we take you to different sites, teach you advanced skills, increase your confidence, and ensure you can drive alone by the conclusion.

In short, with Driving Lesson in Melbourne– Your personal vehicle driving tutor, you will not only learn to drive your car but also master all the abilities.