Defensive driving is considered as driving in a way that uses safe driving techniques to allow motorists to respond to detected dangers in a predictable manner. These strategies go much beyond standard traffic law and procedural training. You can enroll yourself with driving school in Melbourne to learn defensive driving skills.

Students learn to improve their driving abilities by anticipating events and making safe, well-informed judgments while taking defensive driving training lessons. When executing a safe driving move, such judgments are made depending on the road and environmental factors.

Tips To Master Defensive Driving Technique

Be Aware your surroundings

“That car came out of nowhere.” You must have heard this sentence when you came across an accident. To avoid such mishaps, one should always keep check on mirrors before passing through an intersection.

Plan your way ahead

When you have a plan to go on a road trip or any new place, you should plan your path and leave on time. Whenever you go on the hilly area, you should be prepared to take the sloppy turns carefully. If it possible then stick to your lane so that you have somewhere to move in case of emergency.

Keep Distance to other vehicles

According to a report there were 1,123 road crash deaths in 2021 due to over speeding in Australia only. There should be 2-3 seconds of difference with the vehicle next to us while driving at the same speed. Defensive driving is all about leaving the enough space between you and the car ie front of you.

Keep your vehicle maintained

Your vehicle is your best friend on the road. If you will take care your friend the certainly he will to. Keep check on the tires grip and their condition. Tires that are properly inflated gives safer handling. If you join a driving school in Melbourne, make sure the car you use is well maintained and check for all safety measures.

Don’t Get Offensive on the road

While driving on the road, don’t be distracted by the fast moving vehicles. Remember road-rash is the opposite of Defensive driving. So, make sure you don’t get offensive by the aggressive tendencies of other drivers.

To add the defensive driving skill in your driving skill-set you can reach out to Vikas Driving School in Melbourne for further assistance.