Well, getting a driving License in the big city like Melbourne, Australia is not an easy task. In Melbourne, exacting driving laws have been implemented by police to guarantee the wellbeing of the street clients. As an aspect of this, every person who drives a vehicle in Victoriaought to have a driver’s permit.

On the off chance that you are thinking about how to get a Victorian driving permit here is a quick guide for you. We at Vikas driving School can aid you with providing you with the best and professional driving lessons in Melbourne. These lessons help all driving license permit holders to find a workable pace with their street information and driving aptitudes. At the point when you call Vikas driving school, one of our driving instructors will have the options to guide you what’s in our lessons during the entire training.

How to Get Drivers’ License in Victoria

It is important to manage four essentials principles that you to experience before you will get a Driving License in Melbourne.

  1. Getting A Learner Permit
  2. Take Driving Lessons From Expert Driving Instructors.
  3. Get A Provisional Driving License
  4. Getting Your Full Driving License

Stage 1:  Getting a learner Permit

Well, a learner permit in Melbourne enables you to drive a car in the VIC roads. With fully official licensed while you just start learning to drive a car. However, there are some criteria that are followed by you to get a learner permit. Here below are some term and conditions for getting a Learner permit in Victoria.

  1. Your age has to be or above 16 years old.
  2. You have to sit in the eyesight test.
  3. You also have to sit in the theory test exam where you have to answers about the roads and regulations questions.

Stage 2:  Take Driving Lessons from Expert Driving Instructors

Yes, if you want to get Driving License in Melbourne Australia then you should have to take your driving lessons from well-expert or skilled driving instructors. Well, at Vikas driving school Instructors have helped many learner drivers pass their driving tests. Our driving instructors have very well knowledge and experience of the driving in routes of Melbourne. Driving School Melbourne does not only teach you how to pass in the driving license test but also to be a safe driver.

Stage 3:  Get a Provisional Driving License

In Melbourne Victoria, after completing your driving lessons you have to get a probating driving license which has two stages- P1 or P2. If you will able to get the provisional driving license in Melbourne. Therefore you are able to drive a car without any restrictions.

Stage 4:  Getting Your Full Driving License

Well, you are finally able to hold the full driving license if you get a provisional driving license of stage P2. That is also 36 months old minimum. Moreover, you have to pass the eyesight test for that.

If you are getting confused in somehow. Contact to Vikas Driving School in Broadmeadows which definitely helps you in getting your driving license as soon as possible.