Car maintenance is crucial and should be taken seriously, but you should also be aware that simply understanding how the car works can give you some control over it. When you follow these 5 recommendations, you will be much happier with the car and with yourself. These tips are all taught in driving school Melbourne since they help you become the most responsible driver possible. Here are a few of these suggestions for you to consider:


At each servicing, your car’s coolant must be replenished. The coolant is what keeps you from overheating while on the road. When checking the coolant, the driver must only pour in enough to fill the receptacle to the fill line. When you park your car with a coolant leak, you’ll notice the same color fluid trickling on the ground. This is something to keep an eye out for, and if you find a problem, you should have it repaired or maintain topping it off.


The car’s seat belts should be examined because they will be particularly stretchy in the heat and may break. You can have them all replaced by a mechanic, or you can have them checked to make sure you’ve replaced the correct ones. That will make it a lot easier for you to start the car because you’ll know the belts are new and you won’t have to worry about them snapping while driving. One of the most common causes of automotive difficulties on the road is this. You can easily follow these tips with the guidance of Vikas driving school Melbourne.

Car Wipers

As windshield wipers are so important to the driver and passengers’ safety, they must be given the same attention as any other portion of the vehicle. It cleans the windshield and improves visibility in dust storms and heavy rain. As a result, it must be included in routine car maintenance; otherwise, ripped wipers can endanger people’s lives and result in dangerous repercussions.

Change lubricants and oil filters regularly

Your car is a machine that relies on lubricants to run smoothly. The oil absorbs the heat generated by friction and aids in the smooth operation of the vehicle. However, because the oil may become contaminated, it must be replaced from time to time. Furthermore, your vehicle is equipped with an oil filter that keeps the oil clean and avoids contamination. The oil filter, like the oil, must be changed on a regular basis to eliminate accumulated dust and grime.

Air filter

The car’s air filter has to be replaced, and you’ll be relieved to learn that by increasing airflow through the air filter, you can improve the car’s performance. There are various air filters on the market that you can install in your car to help it operate better, and choosing the appropriate air filters can actually increase your performance.

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