Planning to buy a used car can be a tough task. A few important tips, if kept in mind can ease out this task without getting cheated.

Here Are Some Tips To Buy The Best Used Cars Listed As Below:

  • Budget
  • The most important of all is the budget. Setting up an upper limit for budget based upon what is affordable for you is significant. You should also not forget that it’s not only the selling price, but there would also be other expenses like fuel cost, car insurance, maintenance, car loan, etc. as well after the purchase. Therefore, it is advisable to plan your budget accordingly.
  • Searching For The Car

    You can start searching the cars based upon your price range. It can be both online and offline (from certified dealers). You can further filter out your car search on the basis of a specific model, year of make, car body, a number of kilometres covered, or other details.
  • Shortlisting

Based on your search for cars both offline and online, you should prepare a list of the shortlisted ones (based upon the desired features).

  • Contacting The Seller/Dealer

After shortlisting the cars you like, you should contact the seller for car details. It is better to prepare a list of questions you need to ask the seller so that you don’t forget to ask any critical information. In case any information is missing or is not clear in the advertisement, you should ask about it clearly.

  • Checking The Car

You should check the shortlisted cars personally. You can keep in mind the following points while inspecting the car:

  1. Check for any sort of rust, dents, marks or any other damage on the external body. Make sure to conduct your car inspection in daytime only so that you don’t miss any visible damage or defects on the outside body.
  2. Check for any signs that may indicate that the car has been rebuilt or repaired after a serious crash or accident.
  3. Check for any oil leaks
  4. Make sure that all the features and buttons work properly.
  5. Check for any sort of seat damage. Also, check if the seat movement is proper or not
  6. Check all the tyres of car. You can take along a trustworthy or an experienced mechanic to check the technical parts if you are not an expert.
  • Take A Test Drive

Try to start the car when the car has not been warmed up so as to check for any engine problem. Check for any strange or unusual noises carefully. Make sure that the steering, handbrake and gears transition smoothly.

  • Car Report

It is always advisable to check the car report to know all its history. You need to pay some fees to generate the report by entering the Vehicle Identification Number. The report is generated as per the information in the database in the state in which the vehicle is registered. You can have the entire car history and check whether the seller is a genuine owner or not. If there is any pending insurance or loan against the car or if there was any accidental case. Checking the car’s history is highly recommended.

  • Bargaining

After you have finalized and made your mood of buying a particular car, you can try to negotiate its price with the seller. You can suggest a lower price that is affordable for you. In case there is any defect in the vehicle or it needs any sort of repair, you can quote a lower price based on such problems.

  • Car Papers And Payment

Once the deal is final, you can ask the seller for all the original papers of the vehicle. Check all the details yourself very carefully. If you are making any advance payment or the full one, never forget to take a receipt of the same along with the full seller details.

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