Nowadays driving is something which is mandatory. But being a driver, whether beginner or experienced there are some things you should always go through. We always think that driving in the day or at night doesn’t make much difference. But there is a thin line between them which creates some differentiation. Driving at night requires more attentiveness than during the day. In this blog, we covered a few tips which you can follow and enjoy a safe ride. We at Vikas driving school Melbourne, try to introduce you to all the little details that help you in driving. 

Use your lights

 Use your night lights if you are driving at night. Also, dip your lights when following other cars. Always switch your lights to auto, that can set a reminder for you. Always Keep a headlight polish kit to remove the haze and dust so your lights shine through brightly.

 Always keep an emergency kit

 If you are driving at night, don’t forget to carry an emergency kit with you. You should also keep a first aid kit, batteries, blanket and tools along with it. Vikas driving school Melbourne, offers the best lessons where you can learn how to use the tools and emergency kit. 

Do not use phones

 Using your phone while driving leads to some major problems. We should not use it anyway. You should also play the music in a low sound to avoid distraction. Use your phone only to make emergency calls.

 Drive slow at corners 

Night driving needs more alertness. Avoid driving if you are not feeling good. Don’t wear any kind of glass. Always keep your eye on the road. Do not drive if you are drunk. Also do not take any shortcuts to reach your destination very early. Be extra focused on corners.

 Wear your seatbelt

 Always wear your seat belt while driving whether it is day or night. If you are caught without a seatbelt, you will be in big trouble.


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