Do you have your driving lessons in Melbourne scheduled soon? Is the test being conducted in your own vehicle? Please go through our Pre-Test Vehicle Inspection Tips to avoid making the same errors that cause individuals to fail before they ever begin testing.


Listed below are the inspections that a driving tester will do on the student’s vehicle before the driver’s license is issued to the candidate. So, before you drive to the driving test center, have a look at the video and make sure everything is in working condition in your vehicle.

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The following are the eight reasons why cars are refused at driving test centers:

These are the most common reasons driving examiners will not allow you to take your driving test, and you will fail as a result.


  • There is no NCT disc that has been damaged, and there is no insurance disc.
  • There is no Tax Disk.
  • On the dashboard, there is an engine warning light.
  • Brake light and indicator lamps are not functioning properly.
  • The vehicle is not clean and free of debris.
  • Tires that are worn or bald
  • Seats that don’t function, seat belts that aren’t fastened properly, or windows that won’t open
  • Each and every day, the same thing happens at all driving lessons in Melbourne! We hope that by seeing this movie, you have gained some valuable insight and will avoid falling into the same mistake.


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