After undergoing their first driving lessons, many beginner drivers are eager to drive on the highway. No doubt, driving on a running highway is one of the most tempting experiences, it’s worth understanding that it’s equally dangerous. If you are not an experienced driver, you may end up crashing your car into other vehicles or may encounter other unexpected situations as well. 


The general thumb rule says that you should always join a dedicated driving school in Melbourne first to understand the dynamics of driving on a crowded highway. Your instructor will walk you through various driving tactics that’ll help you drive safely in the traffic. In addition to this, you can also follow a few easy steps to stay safe while driving on the highway. 

These tips include:

1. Maintain a Safe Distance

While driving on a highway, it would be important to maintain a safe distance from other vehicles around you. Ideally, you should be far enough from the vehicle in front of you so that even if it stops, you’d have enough time to respond properly. Driving too close to other cars may cause unexpected crashes, which may even prove fatal. To avoid this scenario, always maintain a safe distance from other vehicles on the road. 

2. Follow the Speed Limits

Each highway in Australia is assigned a dedicated speed limit. Following the speed limit is not only crucial to avoid speeding tickets, but it’s also necessary to stay safe. It doesn’t matter where you’re driving, make sure to control your speed and stay within the specified speed limits. 

3. Become a Defensive Driver

A defensive driver is someone who’s always ready to react in case of emergencies. While driving on the highway, you should always try to be a defensive driver because it’ll help you keep everyone safe. Keep your eyes on the road and stay prepared to react in case something goes wrong. If you have undergone professional driving lessons in Melbourne, your instructor would have already taught you how to follow a defensive driving style. 

4. Use Mirrors While Changing Lanes

Changing lanes is one of the most important skills that every driver must learn before driving on a crowded highway. If you’re not careful while switching lanes, there’s a huge probability you may run into unexpected situations. Make sure to check the rearview mirror to find out if there are any cars behind you. Once the road is clear, use the indicator to give a signal and then slowly move to the other lane. 


That’s everything you need to know about driving a car on a crowded highway. Keep in mind that these tips will only be helpful when you have a strong command over the steering wheel and other controls. If you’re still a complete beginner, it would be better to join a driving school in Melbourne first.