As a beginner, when you think about driving, there are a few things you should keep in your mind. Being a citizen of Australia there are some road rules and laws you should perceive, otherwise, you will be trapped in big trouble. Australia has a strict law for driving. As you hit the road, for holidays, road trips, or everyday errands, you must know road rules apart from basics. our team of Vikas driving school Melbourne, guides you about all rules that you should follow. Here are some of the laws you must go through;

Improper use of a horn

 It is illegal to use a horn if it is not necessary. so, if you think that it is very cool to honk, it will create trouble for you. Officially, you can only use the horn to warn other road users or animals. Many new drivers have been fined for that because of the lack of information. 

No text! No calls!

  We all know about the dangers of using a phone while driving, so you should avoid it. You can only use your phone to make or answer the call if you are using a hand-free device. Otherwise, it will be considered against the law.

Throwing anything out of the window

 If you are driving in Australia, you are not supposed to throw anything out of the window. You can be fined for these kinds of activities. The crime of dropping anything on a road can cost you around $ 500 and you also lost your merits. 

Having animals on your lap

 Maybe you like animals or not, don’t drive with them. Animals should be seated in an appropriate area of the vehicle. Otherwise, if the animal gets hurt, owners could face up to jail or a heavy fine. These are some serious laws; you should keep in your mind. We at Vikas driving school Melbourne, mentioned all the driving laws in our theory lessons. 

Not stopping at a stop signal

 A stop sign means to stop, and if you are a resident of Australia, you should follow it strictly. Failing to do can create a problem for you and can be fined up to $ 200. Always stop at the stop signal and follow the rules. 

WeVikas driving school Melbourne, are here to help you. We provide you with the best guidance for hassle-free driving. Vikas driving school offers the top service for their client. To know more, visit us today.