Sometimes even the most experienced drivers don’t always know the tips and tricks that can make driving easier. Even the new drivers can save a lot of time and effort if they know some simple but crucial driving tips.

  1.       Proper knowledge about your vehicle

Most of the people after getting their new vehicle get so excited that they forget to know their vehicle properly. It is very important to know certain things and features about your vehicle first like switches for front and rear fog lights, hazard light button because it won’t be easy to search for them as there would be a lot of other things to worry about while driving. In case you are being pulled over, police might ask you to show that everything is properly working in your vehicle. So you need to make sure that you know every button and feature about your vehicle because only then you will be able to drive safely.

  1.       Turn on the Air conditioner

Even when you don’t use the air conditioner, as in winters, turn it on for a short period of time. Otherwise the coolant will seep out and the tubes will be dry.

  1.       Checking your mirrors

You should check whether all the mirrors are adjusted properly. Adjust your side and rear view mirror so that you can eliminate any blind spot and see the back window of your car entirely.

  1.       Use the hand brake regularly

Use the hand brake regularly to keep it functioning properly even if you don’t do angular parking. The only exceptional case is in very cold weather when you should avoid using it otherwise the brake pads will freeze.

  1.       Watch out for the manouvers of taller vehicles in front

As the drivers of taller vehicles like trucks and uses can see the road situation like an accident or a road block much more clearly, so it is recommended to follow them.

  1.       Don’t drive in someone else’s blind spot

You should be very careful to not drive in someone else’s blind spot even if you have checked yours. Some people change lanes too fast ignoring their blind spots. So you should avoid to be in other’s blind spot to ensure your and other’s safety.

  1.        Learn to drive in bad weather

It is the skill you have to master. Driving on a rainy, snowy or foggy day is challenging. The best way to master it is practice. Learning to drive in a rough weather will make you less scared and more confident.

  1.        Park guided by your windows and mirrors

You need to park your vehicle properly so that you don’t have scratches on it. When perpendicular parking, stop once you see the kerb under your side mirror as then the distance between the car and kerb will be minimum and you won’t scratch the bumper.

  1.        If the car does not start, turn on the high beams

In winters or cold climatic areas, sometimes the car does not start. In such cases, you can turn on the high beam to keep up your battery. Radio or indicators can also work.

  1.        Learn to feel where the wheels are

Feeling your vehicle is the key to control your vehicle and is crucially important for safe driving. With enough practice, you can learn to feel where your wheels are.