How many mistakes are allowed in Australian driving test and tips to pass the test?

What is there in Australian driving test?

All the driving tests are of generally half an hour duration. There are two stages in Australian driving test. The first stage is a simpler one. The first stage of the driving test is usually in less busier areas like residential areas. There are a total of about seven tasks in the first stage. The different tasks include taking left turns, right turns, three point turns or reverse parallel parking. Any one of the above options or a combination of these could be your assigned task/tasks. The number and nature of the tasks also depend upon the driving route of your test.

Then comes the second stage. It is somewhat complex as compared to the first one. And the second stage comprises of 14 to 21 tasks in total. The second stage test driving route is generally in more busy areas like main roads of the place, side roads, transition from main road to side road or vice versa, taking turns between busier roads. The roads with stop sign and having big roundabouts can be the another option. Performing certain lane changes before being back on VIC road can also form the part of tasks. This is how your driving test is going to be.

Mistakes allowed in the driving test

Mistakes are a part of driving. A maximum of two critical errors are allowed in all driving tests. These critical errors can be any one of the following:

  • Forget to stop at stop sign,
  • Unable to perform reverse parallel parking
  • Unable to perform a three point turn
  • Forget to give indicator sign while turning towards any side

You have to be very careful and make sure that the above mentioned errors should not be more than two otherwise it will lead to straight away failure in the driving test.

So if you realize that you have already committed two errors in stage one, then you should be very careful in the second stage. If you have not done any error in the stage one, then you will be in the safer zone in the second stage. If you have done one mistake in stage one, then you will still have one life line left, i.e. you can afford one mistake in the second stage. But make sure that the mistake is not going to be more than one or else you will not be able to clear the driving test. You need to be very cautious to limit the number of mistakes to two or lesser to successfully clear the test.

When you are asked to make a left or right turn during your test, if you remember to give indicator but forget to check your mirrors, then that will be counted as an error. If you press brake before checking mirrors, then that will be going to add up in your error list. Not positioning properly before making turns can be the other mistake. And one very important thing to keep in mind while giving your test is if you make five mistakes in continuation, then that is going to fail you for sure.

So you need to keep these things in mind while appearing for your driving test. If you follow and remember these rules, you will never fail in the driving test and can drive with full confidence. You can pass your driving test in the first attempt when you know all these things beforehand.

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