It will be a new and blissful experience for you holding your own authorized car. This will give you boundless satisfaction, and you feel like a dream come true. In case, if you are a new driver, there are a few things you should keep in your mind. As a learner, you should always try to focus on the tips of your driving instructor. Here are some common mistakes that new drivers frequently make;


Never overcrowd the vehicle 

Adding numerous friends to your new vehicle can be unsafe. It builds the danger of mishaps, which you never need to look at in your excursion. Never push your car over from its ability to stack. Overcrowding a Car increases the risk of a crash by 54% which can affect one’s life.


Not follow too intently

In case you are a learner, you don’t have that much involvement with driving. The guideline has never adhered to any vehicle excessively close around you. Leave at least 3 seconds between your and the other one. Following also intently will prompt a car crash.


 Always wear a seat belt 

Tragically, large numbers of the new drivers neglected to wear seat belts until they get a reminder. Not wearing a safety belt is illegal. One can fall into deep difficulty because of the absence of awareness. It gives security to everybody in the vehicle. 


Try not to exceed the speed 

As a beginner, you might drive the car excessively quickly, and subsequently, you will not be able to control it. Never try to drive a car extremely quick, particularly in the case when you are an amateur. Drive too quickly will lead to a significant issue. A good driving instructor can solve all your issues and inform you about the exact speed you can use while driving.


Do not overlook to scan the road 

The new drivers do not pay too much attention to the road, which can result in difficulty. A driver should always look as far as possible and observe things. Never neglect the potholes and gaps on the road. Always try to be focused while driving.

We at Vikas Driving School Melbourne ensure you about all the knowledge of rules and skills needed in driving. Our driving instructor is always keen to help the learners and introduce them to every little piece of learning. If you want more information, then please visit Vikas Driving School.