Driving is one of the essential skills required almost in every country. One needs to have a valid driver’s license in order to drive in Australia as other countries. Foreign individuals having a valid license with driving experience in their country(for countries recognized by the Australian government) can convert their previous overseas license to a new Australian driver’s license within about three months after arriving in Australia.

The only exceptions are Victoria and Tasmania where license seekers need to re-apply after the visa is granted. While drivers having a full driving license from other countries that are not recognized by Australia are required to go for a driving test within three months of their arrival in the country.

Driving Test Procedure or Criteria

Acquiring an Australian driving license is a time consuming as well as an expensive task. The details of the actual process and the total time required to get a driver’s license is different for each state and territory. Most of the fresher drivers generally require a longer time period to get their license, whereas a little experienced or those having an already valid license in their previous country can get it in a comparatively shorter duration.

There Are Three Exams That Are Needed To Pass So As To Get An Australian Driver’s License

  • Driver’s Knowledge Test

    The first one is the Driver’s Knowledge Test. This exam is theoretical in nature and is of objective type with multiple choices for all questions. There are many sources available online where practice tests for the same can found. The learner driver can go for it in whichever language is comfortable to him or her. In case the appropriate language is not available, he or she can request an interpreter service for the test. After passing the Driver’s Knowledge Test, the drivers are issues an L-plate or you can say, a learner’s permit. Which allows them to begin taking driving lessons on the road.

  • Hazard Perception Test

    After passing a Driver’s Knowledge Test, the learners are requires to pass a Hazard Perception Test. This test judge and tests your ability to recognize potentially dangerous situations and pinpoint risky ones while driving. How well and wisely a learner responds in such situations is evaluation. The learner drivers are requires to log at least prescribes hours of on-road supervision driving experience under the best driving instructor having a full valid license. The number of driving hours required are different in different states and territories.

  • Practical Driving Test Criteria /Assessment

    As soon as a learner driver is confident and ready, he or she can then procees to the Practical Driving Test, which could be seen as the most daunting test that anyone has to take. This test will assess the learner driver on his general driving skills. The safe and disciplined driving behaviour is expected of a learner driver. Any sort of unsafe and non-disciplinary action on the road while driving could render an applicant unworthy of getting a license. The driver’s attitude, observation and parking skills. Response to potentially dangerous and hazardous situations and lots of other capabilities are evaluated in this test.

If a learner is able to pass this practice exam, then he can obtain an Australian driving license. Otherwise, he will have to again hold the learner’s permit and cannot get a full license until you clear the exam.