Here are certain things that you should never do while driving:

  1.        Speeding

Speeding is the major cause of accidental deaths. As we all might have read somewhere- “speed thrills, but kills”. There are speed limits prescribed for different areas and drivers should strictly adhere to the speed limits for their and other’s safety.

  1.        Not fastening your seat belt

Wearing a seat belt can prevent injury due to sudden braking. It can also save you in case of any crashes. Moreover, it is an easy thing to do.

  1.        Drunk driving

You should never drink and drive as it can have serious consequences. You can hire a taxi if you are planning to drink and go somewhere.

  1.        Driving with your seat not adjusted properly

Drivers should adjust their seat properly before driving. Your seat should not be too forward or backward. It should be positioned in such a way that you have a full control over pedals and other features.

  1.        Maintaining a safe distance from other vehicles

You should keep a safe distance from other vehicles on the road, especially from those in front and those behind you. It is not safe to travel with another vehicle so closer to yours.

  1.        Careless and distracted driving

You should keep your eyes on the road while driving. If you focus more on things other than driving, then it actually makes you more prone to accidental situations due to distractions. It is because your reaction time increases when you get involved in other distracting activities. You should make all sort of adjustments (seat positioning, mirror adjustments etc.) before driving. Avoid using cell phones while driving for texting or calling.

  1.        Unsafe driving in adverse weather conditions

You should not drive too fast in adverse weather conditions to avoid accidents. It is better to slow down your vehicle and be aware of your surroundings to be safe when the road gets bad.

  1.       Use of headphones

People usually listen to music while driving, on long or even short trips. Using headphones to listen music or a call is not generally recommended while driving. Headphones lower your awareness by filtering out other sounds or noises as well and that too more than the car speakers. Therefore their use should be avoided.

  1.       Arguing or talking

Arguing or any sort of road rage while driving makes you more vulnerable to mishappenings. You should avoid angry outbursts and aggressive driving to be safe on the road as they contribute a lot towards fatal car crashes.

  1.      Driving when sleepy

You should avoid driving when sleepy or tired as it is very dangerous. Sleep increases your reaction time to other situations. So it is advisable to stop and take some rest when you feel sleepy. You might reach your destination a bit later than scheduled, but it is better for your and others safety.