Driving around with faulty parts or equipment on your vehicle is perhaps one of the worst things a car owner/driver could do. Driving with defective equipment like broken brakes, worn out tyres, or even a cracked windscreen is like an accident waiting to happen. With a cracked windscreen, they are much easier to repair and more cost effective than a replacement. But the question is, is it safe to drive with a cracked windscreen?

Well, depending on how bad the crack is, it may need to be addressed immediately. If it’s a small crack, it may lead to an even bigger crack. However, if the damage is addressed early, the sooner it’s fixed the better. But the longer you leave, the greater the risk! Vikas Driving School, states that depending on how big and how deep the crack is on your windscreen, it may be deemed illegal to drive and you could be fined with defective notice.


The Dangers of Driving With A Cracked Windscreen

According to Vikas Driving School in Melbourne, the dangers of driving with a cracked windscreen can lead to something more fatal. These dangers include:

  • Taking longer to re-adapt to their vision.
  • The contrast of light can result in poor visibility.
  • Dirty windscreens can result in slower reaction time.
  • Driving with a cracked windscreen with poor visibility can induce fatigue.
  • Aged drivers who try to drive with a broken windscreen are more likely to cause a car accident as compared to young drivers.


How To Tell The Signs?

Following points are needed to be addressed when you’re unsure about the damage of your windscreen:

  • If the crack is longer than 75mm,
  • More than one crack is at least 30mm or the length driver’s side of the windscreen,
  • Cracks extending to the windscreen’s edge,
  • If the chip is more than 16mm in diameter,
  • If any damage restricts the driver’s visibility.

Repair It Immediately!

Experienced driving instructors at Vikas Driving School, alway recommend repairs and replacement windscreen. So, if your windscreen is in need of repair, why not contact the auto glass specialists through their quality products and services.