One of the greatest feelings in the world is having your own driver’s license, but before you hit the road, you need to pass your driving test. Every examiner is aware that occasionally few mistakes are bound to happen. Though, some driving error can result in a failure outright, regardless of how well you performed on the rest of the practical exam or the written test.

Here, we will be discussing the top 5 mistakes that you can avoid to pass your driving test in the first go. Try not to make these following mistakes while practising or while taking driving lessons in Melbourne. If you don’t make these silly errors, it will be easy for you to get ready for the driving test and pass it with confidence.

  1. Don’t be nervous – If you are anxious and feeling nervous during the driving test, you  won’t be able to focus on your driving and there will be great chances that you make any mistakes. To avoid all this, get a good sleep at night before the test and try to stay positive. Keep yourself relax mentally and physically.
  2. Mirrors and head checks in both directions: As a student driver, it might be challenging to take your attention from the road. However, your side and rearview mirrors are meant to help safe driving on your part. You must check your mirrors, or else. You have a good probability of failing the road exam if you don’t do head checks.
  3. Rolling stops are a very typical error made by novice drivers. This error should not be made. Avoid rolling or insufficient stops. At stop signs and red lights, slow down and fully stop your car behind the line of separation. When making a right turn at a junction, you must totally stop your vehicle.
  4. Incorrect lane switching: Before changing lanes when your examiner signals for you to, you should look first, activate your signal, check your side and rearview mirrors, swivel your head to check for any vehicle in your blind spot, and only do so if it is clear.
  5. Breaking the speed limits: Even if other drivers are driving faster than you, you still need to obey the speed limits. Many new drivers frequently do not slow down while approaching a zone with a decreased speed restriction. As a result of this bad habit, you can fail the driving exam.


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