Technology has played its part to improve driving in multiple ways. One of the best ways would be its navigation feature. Every time we drive to a new or unfamiliar location, GPS plays a crucial part while driving. GPS comes in various forms into your car’s dashboard, it can be used from your smartphone/tablets or you can buy a stand-alone GPS system from a technology store. Joining a driving school in Melbourne can be great idea to learn more about it.


The ability to use a GPS system gives drivers greater confidence while they drive. However, it is risky for drivers to look away from the road to read a map or enter information. Here are five excellent safety advice for using your GPS while driving.

3 ways to safely use your GPS while driving

Input and review Navigation before driving – 

The majority of automobiles come with built-in navigation and only permit to put the information when in the park because it is risky to enter information into your phone. By entering information before moving, you may check the accuracy of any address or location before pressing the Go button. Reviewing the directions enables you to use the GPS less frequently because you are already aware of your general location.

Ignore Texting or Calling while driving – 

If you receive any call or text message while driving, it’s important to ignore it, especially when you are using a GPS app from the same phone. This rule is applicable for anything other than a GPS app while driving. Taking calls or texting someone can be a great distraction for you on the road.

Make it easier to see and hear – 

In case you are using a GPS app from your mobile or tablet then it is important to place it in a location where a driver can easily see while driving. Put your GPS-enabled device high enough that the driver can easily have a quick glance at it while taking care of driving. Holding your device in your lap, laying it on the passenger seat or in a cup holder will be difficult to have a quick glance at. 


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