Vikas driving school Melbourne, has highlighted the most common reasons why people fail their driving test, urging learners to be better prepared for real-world driving conditions. There are several different categories in a standard driving test, all of which are crucial components of the test. You risk failing your test if you miss the mark in one of these categories.

Today, we are here to disclose 15 reasons to fail a driving test.


Students don’t know driving test criteria

Most beginners are not aware of the driving test. They don’t even know what the test will be like. How many minutes the test will be and what tasks the officer is going to say to perform? In the end, they got confused and failed their driving test.

Don’t aware of the primary function of the car

As a beginner, you should be aware of the primary function of the car, otherwise, it will create a big problem. Some of the students might get confused about the little features of the car. They did not have the right knowledge about the lights, wipers, etc and because of that, they failed their driving test. But you don’t have to worry about that, driving school Melbourne offers the best driving lessons to make you a successful driver.

Fail to give away

This is the major problem of beginners not being aware of giving away. When the examiner told them to turn left or turn right, they forgot to give it away. So, you should always focus on these skills.

Don’t do a head check

Did you know that many accidents happen because drivers neglect to head check and their blind areas before turning or moving their vehicle? One of the most common reasons for failing a driving test is failing to do head checks. You will fail your driving test if you do not do a head check.

Don’t do mirror checks

Make sure to always check your mirror, whenever you are pressing the brake. Always keep your mirror clean to look properly.

Not able to control the car properly

Few learners fail their driving test, because they are not able to control their car properly. They sometimes turn their car left to right, right to left, and lastly, they fail.

Cross the line

 Whenever the students stop at the stop line or the giveaway sign, they cross that thick line. Make sure never cross that thick line. Always make your position away from it.

Don’t stop at stop sign

It is the most common mistake made by a beginner. They don’t know how to stop and what to look at. They just rushed through the stop sign.

Drive to too slow

 Many students drive too slowly during their driving tests. They drive less than the speed limit. So, make sure if the road condition is good don’t drive too slowly. It is a loophole in your driving.

Don’t aware of basic rules and regulations

Students in their excitement forgot to get aware of the driving rules, road rules, and regulations. Sometimes they don’t even know about the signs. We at driving school Melbourne cover all the topics in our theory classes.

Hit the curb

Whenever the students turn left to right in the parking lot, they hit the curb. Hitting a curb immediate termination.

Cross the red light.

Students, when they go for their driving test, feel overconfident and cross the red light unknowingly. Be extra cautious during your driving test.

Fail their test in 3 maneuvers

Students fail their driving test in 3 maneuvers like 3-point turn, reverse parallel parking, pullover. You must need to practice these things before going for a driving test.


Never drive your car too fast in the test. Otherwise, you have to face failure. Always try to drive carefully. Don’t exceed your speed limit.  

Line Changing

It is a very big problem for the students, whenever the examiner says to turn left, they do it immediately. Please take your time and do it safely.

Please read all the points carefully. For more information call/ visit Vikas driving School Melbourne Today!