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Driving School in Clayton

Driving School in Clayton

Clayton – #1 Driving School Driving Lessons & Driving Instructors

When you take driving lessons from a driving school, you would get more exposure & you wouldn’t get deprived of regular training. If you seek a proficient driving School in Clayton, you can find them in Vikas Driving School. Vikas Driving School instructors have a hands-of-experience in advanced technologies & have helped many learners obtain driving licenses in one go. Reach us to feel the worth of the amount you have spent to get a valuable customer experience!

Why Opt for Vikas Driving School?

We are one of the top-rated driving instructors in Clayton that focus on meeting your training requirements. We have a team of driving instructors who know many languages to train the students from their perspective.

Experienced & Knowledgeable Instructors: Vikas Driving School instructors have more than 30 years of experience. They keep learning new driving techniques to deliver the best driving lessons to the students. We hire only certified drivers. Furthermore, our instructors keep updating the curriculum with practical skill demonstrations.

Safe Driving Environment: We provide individual attention to our students that include one-to-one instructions. Our instructors also ensure drivers’ safety with helpful tips.

Detailed ­& In-Depth Curriculum: Our driving instructors train the students and enhance the in-depth curriculum through their practical skill demonstrations. We design the driving lessons exclusively for teens and senior citizens.

What are the Levels of Driving Lessons in Vikas Driving School?

Vikas Driving Lessons in Clayton covers the professional syllabus like:

Learner Drivers: We have Certificate IV Driving Instruction and experience training learners of all ages and backgrounds. Our driving school encourages the learners to develop and improve safe driving skills and get good road sense.

Overseas Drivers: Are you new to the country? Do you possess a driving license not written in English? If yes, we can guide you to become a registered license holder in our country.

If you would like to have refreshing driving lessons, we are there for you. Also, Driving instructors would assist you in preparing for the driving test and clear it. Moreover, driving chapters will cover traffic rules, materials, road maps, diagrams, and more. Our instructors would also give you feedback on your strengths and weaknesses after the session.

How to Contact Vikas Driving School for Further Details?

We socially connect on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linked In, and others. Alternatively, you can call, email, or text us in SMS or WhatsApp. You can get our contact details from our official website, yellow pages, directories, and others.


What are the Driving Lessons You Cover?

We cover automatic and manual driving lessons with a duration of 60 minutes, 90 minutes, & 120 minutes. We cover the basics lessons like road signs, traffic rules, and roadmaps. From the practical aspect, we train you with different gears. You would be learning to drive short distances on the first day.

Will We Have the Same Instructor for Each Chapter?

Yes, you will have the same instructor for each chapter. However, there are some exceptions. If a driving instructor does not wish to continue working with us, we will arrange the other one. We would also take the feedback from the learner drivers from time to time and make a decision.

When Would You Conduct a Test?

You can take a test either within one or two lessons or after five to ten lessons. It depends on your learning ability to get ready for the test. The driving instructor would explain some dos and don’ts in the driving test to get excellent results in your test.

Do You Provide Us with a Pick-Up from Our Workplace?

Yes, we can also pick you up from your workplace if our instructors reside or serve in that location. If not, you will get picked up at the nearest spot to your workplace. We would expect the learners to get ready within the said timings.

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