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Driving School in Balwyn

Driving School in Balwyn

Hire Smart and Efficient Drivers for Driving Lessons

A driver has various responsibilities while driving a car on the road. You have to look at various factors before becoming a driver. Safe driving is very important for every driver. A single mistake can lead to the loss of lives of either drivers or general people. Practice and professional training make every student perfect in the driving area. Vikas Driving School in Balwyn has been a leading driving school in training the students of the city. We have trained students from various parts of the city. Our experts give different types of driving lessons according to the need and requirement.

Why Choose Vikas Driving Lessons?

We train students in the area of driving perfectly. There are many other benefits of choosing Vikas Driving School such as:

  1. Learn Safety Rules and Traffic Regulations

Driving laws keep on changing from time to time. You will learn all the new rules and regulations in our driving school. Apart from that, you will also learn about parking laws and driving rules from our driving experts.

  1. Boosts Confidence

Taking training in our driving school will increase your confidence while driving the car on the road. You will get confidence while driving on every type of road. We also train you to drive safely on the road.

  1. Wide Range of Cars

We have a large collection of new and old cars. You can pick any car that suits your budget and level of experience. Our cars are cleaned from time to time.

  1. Different Driving Courses

Vikas Driving School offers different types of driving courses for students. They include manual driving lessons, beginner’s courses, automatic lessons, advanced lessons, and so on.

What is the Process to Join Vikas Driving School Online?

It takes a few minutes to join our driving school online. You have to first visit our official website and fill an online form. You have to enter your name, email ID, mobile number and choose the type of driving course. Then you have to submit this form online. You can make payment online or through cash or card.


  1. Can We Get Free Test Driving While Joining the Driving School?

Yes, our driving offers a free driving class of 1 hour when you join our school. This free lecture will give a thorough knowledge of car features, functions, and road signs. You will also learn to operate the car in this free lecture.

  1. Do You Provide Service of License Conversion and Changeover?

Yes, we help in changing your overseas driver’s license into a local license. All you need to do is complete some formalities and requirements to get the local license. However, the requirements and process change with your citizenship in the country.

  1. What are the Important Tests to Pass for Gaining a License?

There are some important tests that you must clear before getting a license. These tests include the eyesight test, learner permit test, hazard perception test, and practical driving test. If you fail in any one test, we will not issue a license.

  1. Do You Provide Written Notes and Materials?

Yes, we provide written notes and other materials such as charts, sign books and so on. These materials are very useful for students during road exams and other driving tests. They will also learn road signs and symbols with the help of these charts.

How to Contact Vikas Driving School?

There are numerous ways to book driving lessons at Balwyn in our driving school. You can call us at toll-free numbers or send an SMS. You can also book the service of our driving instructor Balwyn through mail or the official website. 

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