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Driving Instructors In Rowville

 driving instructors in Rowville

Get to Learn Driving With the Best Driving Instructors at Vikas Driving School

Are you looking forward to improving your driving skills? If yes, you would require the best driving instructors in Rowville. If taking up the driving test in the tricky area is your concern, you can get in touch with us. Moreover, Vikas Driving School is one of the best solution providers for all your queries related to driving. When you attend one lesson in Vikas Driving School, you will get a fair idea about our remaining sessions.

For every age group of people, we have a separately designed curriculum that helps them to learn everything in an easy manner. Reach us to get practical lessons at attractive discounts now!

What are the Salient Features of Vikas Driving Lessons?

Our driving lessons in Rowville present you with the following features.

  •       The driving instructors are well-versed in multiple languages.
  •       conduct driving classes and lessons at reasonable rates.
  •   provide you with the pick-up and drop at the closest spots in your area, residence, workplaces, schools, or agreed locations.
  •       Well-structured and practical curriculum.
  •       train you on the vehicle’s latest technologies.
  •       And we also provide you with refresher classes and driving lessons.
  •       connect nervous learners with specialized instructors.
  •       In addition, provide customized refresher courses according to client needs.
  •       provide you with female driving instructors.
  •       provide you with gift vouchers for special occasions or events
  •       And many others.

Why Book with Vikas Driving School?

Vikas Driving School in Rowville connects you with the top instructors who would make your learning effortless. They would help you to understand road rules & make you a confident driver. Further, Our driving instructors provide you with the best introductory lessons to get the required head start in your driving experience. We guarantee that by the end of your course, you would become a safe driver & obtain a driving license in one go.

How to Contact Vikas Driving School?

We are there on all social media websites, especially on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linked In, G+, & more. Our official website provides you with the contact details like phone number, email address, WhatsApp number, & postal address. You can contact us at any time & we will answer your queries.


Can We Practice Driving in My Teens?

As per the law, students in their teens can practice driving only after completing six hours of training with a license permit in hand. Moreover, A teen would need a vehicle, basic operations, social interactions, parking, advanced skills, and emergency response. Also, Vikas Driving School will cover these within six hours and help them to get the permit.

Do You Train Disabled Students?

Yes, we also do train people having physical disabilities. Also, We have specially trained driving instructors who have especially adapted cars to help them get behind their wheels. In addition, We have extensive data of disabled students who have learned to drive from us & have become safe drivers.

Do You Train the People Having Learning Difficulties?

There is no doubt yes, we train adults with learning difficulties no matter how serious they may seem. The law makes a special provision for dyslexic people. Our instructors have assisted these students with extreme care & helped them to become safe drivers.

Do You Take Classes in the Evening & on Weekends?

absolutely Yes, we take driving classes in the evening & on the weekends. We provide the students with time flexibility when it comes to taking driving lessons. Vikas Driving School instructors would schedule your training classes at your convenience. We also allow you to change your timings when the situation demands.

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