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Learn Manual and Auto Driving

Is it better to learn to drive in a manual or automatic car? – Driving School in Melbourne   When you first start learning to drive, choosing whether to learn in a manual or automatic automobile might seem like a difficult decision.  As a result, in this blog article, we will look at the advantages […]

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Things You Should Know to Pass Your Driver’s License Test in the First Attempt

We’ve all been there; sitting scared on the driver’s seat while the instructor is examining our every move during the driver’s license test. To be honest, this is one of the most anxious moments in one’s life. If you don’t pass the test on the first go, you’ll have to wait for another three months […]

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How to Learn to Drive Quickly?

Driving can be stressful for learners as they have to attend a road test within a few weeks. Many learners choose to learn driving from friends or family members because of fear. But you can gain more benefits by joining a driving school in Melbourne. Professional drivers will give helpful tips to learn to drive […]

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Safe Driving Lessons With Covid 19 Protection

Unhappily, we are living in the world under the fear of Coronavirus. And always try to protect our self from this virus. So we have to forward our life with it and safe our self and our family from this pandemic.

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