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Short Learner Permit Test Quiz

Welcome to knowledge based  Short Learner Permit Test Quiz Click Next to Begin..... 1. A vehicle making a U-turn must give way to oncoming traffic only. traffic overtaking it only. all vehicles and pedestrians. 2. You are driving on a multi-lane freeway. There are no transit lanes. When are you allowed to drive in the [...]Continue Reading

Give way quiz

Welcome to your Short Give Way Quiz.... BEST OF LUCK!!! Click NEXT To begin..... 1. You are driving vehicle A. You must give way toAdd description here! vehicle B only. vehicle C only. neither vehicle B nor vehicle C. 2. You are driving vehicle A. You must give way toAdd description here! the motorcycle only. [...]Continue Reading

short Road Rules Quiz

Welcome to your Second Short Road Rules Quiz...All the best!!!! Click NEXT to begin..... 1. Who must give way to the pedestrian?Add description here! Neither vehicle A nor vehicle B Both vehicle A and vehicle B Vehicle B only 2. What does this road sign indicate?Add description here! There is a T-intersection ahead. The left [...]Continue Reading

Road Rules

Second Quiz  Hurry up !!!....Take a short Road Rules Quiz 1. Which of the following is most correct?Add description here! Car A is at stop line and Car B is at Give way line Car A needs direction and Car B has broken link Car B is at stop line and Car A is at [...]Continue Reading

Learners Test Practice

WELCOME to the Learners Test Practice Quiz...BEST OF LUCK!!!! Click NEXT To Begin..... 1. Are roadside drug tests performed on Victorian roads? Yes Yes, But only after a positive Alcohol Test No 1 out of 32 2. A tram in the lane to your right has stopped to unload passengers. Can you pass? you can [...]Continue Reading

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